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A Circle of Fire Gala

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September 5 and 6 2014 was the Emord and Associates Constitutional Law Firm 20th year anniversary. A Circle of Fire Gala was organized with numerous conservative and traditionalist speakers. The center of the Revolutionary Period event organizers in costume was quotations of George Washington. “Circle of Fire” come from a prayer of G. Washington in his words were, “May the circle of fire for liberty and freedom never die in the hearts of the American people.” The highlight of the two day affair, that included a chance to visit the nation’s first president Mount Vernon home, was a guest appearance of a G. Washington look-a-like that delivered a mesmerizing dramatic monologue. He was allowed by God to return to America for a few moments armed with words chosen to save the country again, as he labored diligently in his lifetime.

Multiple awards were given to various persons that have contributed to the continued Constitutional strength of the nation in various ways. H. R. McDaniel, M.D. received the Innovative Dietary Supplement Product award. This recognized studies in AIDS, cancer and loss of memory and cognition reversed in a clinical study conducted at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The first restoration of such loss published in a medical journal.

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