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I am a retired physician; my M.D. was earned in 1962. I am H. Reg McDaniel, and I developed the plant ingredients in NEW EDEN. You are choosing to support the normal functions of the human body by increasing the supply of nutrient molecules used in cellular synthesis to assemble bioactive compounds that operate the biochemistry and physiology of life. This is ancient wisdom and not a new idea. Biblical scriptures support your decision for attaining a more normal health status.

You have made a wise decision to nutritionally support the engineering and design of life, as is coded in the genes. The genes, made of DNA, nucleic acids, are like a very powerful computer code. Each cell is a micro-miniature factory that has an assembly line in it to connect amino acids, fatty acids, sugars (monosaccharides), vitamins, elements, and other nutrient molecules to assemble complex compounds that conduct all the body functions and structures we recognize as life. Each tiny cell factory is run and controlled just like your cell phone or laptop computer functions, by the code of life that are instructions written in the DNA code. Improved nutrition is not the treatment or cure or improvement of a disease, syndrome, or abnormal condition. Nutrition simply supports normal biochemistry and physiology. The genes are programs to establish the normal status of homeostasis, i.e., balance in all organ systems.

The genes have the information if supplied the proper nutrition, to correct any deviation from normal in the biochemistry of life. Physical and mental deviations have been reported to move to the normal status zone, time and time again in multiple countries. This activity is at a level of atoms and molecules so small, that even an electron microscope cannot detect this activity. A human being cannot take action or participate in any activity occurring in the micro-cosmos that is the interior of a living cell. Know there are trillions of microscopic cells in a human body.

I want to close by wishing you the benefit from decades of scientific research designed to provide you a better quality of life in a natural manner that has been proved to (1) have no toxicity or adverse side effects, and (2) has proven that more comprehensive nutrition is an attempt to move each individual’s status into the normal, homeostatic or balanced zone that is free of all deviations from normal health. These two wonderful points are why the aloe oligosaccharides were rejected as a pharmaceutical drug by the FDA. Such desirable benefits are medical and pharmacological heresy.

To quote the Father of Western Pharmacology Paracelsus, “All drugs are poisons, the benefit depends on the dose.” Pharmaceutical drugs act in a totally different manner than nutrition. Drugs block, inhibit, suppress, stimulate and substitute in the biochemistry or metabolism of life. Drugs interfere with life processes.

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The Gift explains the technical parts of Glycotechnology. Dividing the chapters in The Gift is The Journey which includes life experience stories and why the technology is so important.

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Drugs are designed to reduce or eliminate symptoms, as long as, consumed. Nutrient molecules are used, consumed in the cellular assembly of bioactive compounds. Nutrients support the engineering and design of life coded in the genes and correct the cause of symptoms and signs. Nutrients restore the inner environment of the body, that area deviation internally from a normal or homeostasis/balance.

Again, congratulations, you have chosen to support normal body function with better nutrition, as was designed to be provided in NEW EDEN. NEW EDEN is not a drug. It is simply more optimal nutrition supporting normal body biochemistry and health. Simply stated, NEW EDEN is a source to return to the modern, urban diet nutrients once common in the family garden or orchard.

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