About Dr. Reg McDaniel

Director of Research at Wellness Quest, LLC

Dr. Reg McDaniel is a graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School & has spent 20 years practicing anatomical & clinical pathology, including positions as the Director of Pathology & Laboratories and Director of Medical Education at Dallas-Ft Worth Medical Center. In 1981 he began research at Fisher Institute for Medical Research using a bean extract to stimulate the immune system.  In 1985, he aided in the work of scientists that had isolated the active principle of the Aloe Vera Plant, and conducted the first government-monitored studies in humans using this glyconutrient, aloe polymannan (manapol®),  conditions through the nutritional support of normal biochemistry under gene control!  In 1996, the American Naturopathic Medical Association recognized this work with their annual "Discovery of the Year Award".  Dr. McDaniel was a consultant to Carrington Laboratories for 9 years, Medical Director for Mannatech, Inc. for their first 8 years, and he was the Health Science Consultant to Manna Relief Ministries for 4 years. Currently, Dr McDaniel is Director of Research at Wellness Quest, LLC. He has published numerous educational papers on the effects of glyconutritionals in relation to various conditions.

Candace McDaniel


Dr. Candace McDaniel is a licensed Osteopathic Physician in both Oklahoma and Texas. She received her medical degree from Oklahoma State University in 1996. She also holds a doctorate degree in education from the University of Tulsa, a master’s degree in psychology from Texas Christian University, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Southern Methodist University, a bachelor’s degree in biology from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and an associate of science degree in chemistry from Tulsa County College. In 1970, she graduated from Highland Park High School, Dallas, Texas.

Dr. McDaniel began her own addiction medicine and family practice clinic in 2003, the Anti-Aging and Longevity Center of Texas, P.A. The practice is a state and federally accredited comprehensive substance abuse treatment center. In 2011, Dr. McDaniel’s clinic was selected as one of the top five in the nation for patient safety by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Her clinic was one of five clinics featured in DVDs produced for clinician training and patient education that were distributed to the other 1,600 addiction clinics nationwide.

Dr. McDaniel served as medical director and program physician for the Denton Brentwood addition clinic and also served as back-up physician for two Brentwood clinics in Ft. Worth, Texas, from 2000 through 2002.

Dr. McDaniel trained as an addiction medicine program physician under J. Thomas Payte, M.D., in his Dallas clinics and as a back-up physician for his San Antonio clinics from 1998 through 2003.

Dr. McDaniel has four grown children: a surgeon, a chemist, a social worker, and a writer. She is married to Dr. Reg McDaniel. They live on a five-acre farm with horses, goats, dogs, a bird and a cat.

Compliance History: Dr. McDaniel served as program director at the North Texas Rehabilitation Center on 321 Colorado Blvd. in Dallas, Texas, from September 1998 to March 1999. She served as program physician for the Plano Road Clinic in Garland, Texas, in April and May 1999. She was program physician for the J. Thomas Payte at Market Center Clinic from April 1999 to February 28, 2003. Dr. McDaniel also served as medical director and program physician for the Brentwood Clinic of Denton, Texas, from November 2000 to October of 2002. She currently serves as medical director and program physician at the Anti-Aging and Longevity Center of Texas, PA, Dallas, Texas. These five clinics have not had any major compliance violations while under her medical direction.

Competency: Dr. McDaniel has had no malpractice lawsuits in my medical career to date. She has 14 years of service as a program physician and 11 years as a medical director in narcotic treatment programs and addiction medicine.

A Circle of Fire Gala

September 5 and 6 2014 was the Emord and Associates Constitutional Law Firm 20th year anniversary. A Circle of Fire Gala was organized with numerous conservative and traditionalist speakers. The center of the Revolutionary Period event organizers in costume was quotations of George Washington. “Circle of Fire” come from a prayer of G. Washington in his words were, “May the circle of fire for liberty and freedom never die in the hearts of the American people.” The highlight of the two day affair, that included a chance to visit the nation’s first president Mount Vernon home, was a guest appearance of a G. Washington look-a-like that delivered a mesmerizing dramatic monologue. He was allowed by God to return to America for a few moments armed with words chosen to save the country again, as he labored diligently in his lifetime.

Multiple awards were given to various persons that have contributed to the continued Constitutional strength of the nation in various ways. H. R. McDaniel, M.D. received the Innovative Dietary Supplement Product award. This recognized studies in AIDS, cancer and loss of memory and cognition reversed in a clinical study conducted at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The first restoration of such loss published in a medical journal.